Meet Mittske! Two friends – Leftsi and Rightsi – who help you look cool and stay warm on the go by bike, scooter or moped.

Mittske are your companions on your early morning commute to work by bicycle or scooter or when riding in the park with your family, or when you pop out to the shop to pick up a few items for dinner …
Mittske are happiest when they’re whizzing around on your handlebars keeping your hands warm.
Mittske like to attract attention, that’s why they’re stylishly designed to add to your style instead of diminishing it.
When they’re not keeping you warm on the road, Mittske stay together in their own discreet pouch, to save you time and space.
As best friends, Mittske have many similarities, but each still has a mind of its own.
Leftsi is rational and strives for order.
Rightsi is creative and loves to cuddle.
So, of course, Leftsi has a pocket in which Rightsi can hop inside when they’re not on your handlebars. They always have lots to talk about and one is always looking out for the other.