Dress up your handlebar grips with Mittske!
Mittske are roomy enough to fit over your handlebar grips and brakes, so you can still push the brakes. 
Pull Mittske over your handlebars and brakes. With the elastic stopper pointing downwards tighten the elastic so that it grips the handlebar tightly.  If still too loose, connect the side snaps.

Mittske like to stay together in their own little pouch.

Only Leftsi has a pocket. When not dressing the handlebars, Leftsi jumps into the pocket and invites Rightsi to join him! When not on your bike, they’re happiest together in their pocket. 

Mittske make sure your hands stay warm in windy or cold weather and when you’re zooming around on your bike.
On the outside, Mittske are water-repellent and windproof. On the inside, the microfleece makes them warm and fuzzy.

Easy care!

Mittske like to stay clean, so even if you spill your coffee on them, don’t worry, they don’t mind taking a bath in the washing machine!

Mittske Handwarmers